Marius Mihalache is the best known Romanian dulcimer player. Born in Bucharest, in a family of musicians, Marius Mihalache takes first contact with dulcimer since the age of 4 years, encouraged by his father. At the age of 10 years he win his first prize at Athens in Greece. Winner of numerous awards for interpretive virtuosity since childhood, at 17 plays on the dulcimer Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Schuman, Schubert and Mozart raising thousands of Scala di Milano applause .

The most important moment of his life as an artist , is meeting with one who will mentor, the renowned american artist Chick Corea. Singing in opening some of his concerts. 


After years of study and preparation, appears his first album, "ECLIPSE", witch contains 9 original adaptations from Romanian folklore, with influences of classical music, pop and jazz. 


Before launching his first album in 1998, the artist composed the soundtrack for several films and TV series such as Asphalt Tango (1995 ), Philanthropy (2002 ), Garcea and Oltenia (2002 ), ER “La urgenta” (2006 ), Bastards ( 2007), etc. In 1998 released his first album of ethno -jazz "Eclipse", followed by other albums and more collaboration, a period in which addresses many styles from jazz to gypsy music: Roots (2002), Performance -  live in Germany (2002), Ges Romano (2005), Love and fire (2007), World Symphony (2007. 


After this period has a number of concerts and festivals in the country and all over the world.  Marius Mihalache has shared the stage with many famous artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Nina Simone, Kitaro, Steve Vai, Mike Stern, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Boo Boo Davis, Billy Cobham, Sergio Mendez, Larry Coryell, Philip Catherine, and more.


In november 2017 - appears his new balkanic project entitled Săftiță   (meaning "a good start" in Romanian).  It tells his life story highlighting his Gypsy affiliation and all that it brought to build his cultural and musical background. Saftita presents more fiestas, each of them emerges from an idea related to the old Gypsy culture  and reaches the peak of the complexity of modern music. 


If closing their eyes while listening to Marius Mihalache live playing his cimbalom one will understand why he is called the "Cimbalom Whisperer".  


“Marius Mihalache  is an artist. In his hands, the dulcimer is an orchestra. It can not be just a simple dulcimer. When I met the man , I did not dare to go to shake his hand, but I had the revelation of a great man, a man of character, a special soul . And so it was. So I'm happy that- I know him and i have occasionally, the opportunity to see and to listen him" 

            Victor Rebenciuc (a great Romanian actor) about Marius Mihalache on National Journal Newspaper, 2010” Romania Radio Romania Cultural - Radio Station - Marius Mihalache , Published : October 18, 2017 

“For his creative originality and interpretive value, Radio Romania Cultural declare Marius Mihalache  - The man of the Day.”


Marius' message to all people who listens to his music is: "No matter where you are, believe in yourself and you will succeed!"